Saturday, May 22, 2010

Books For All! [Part 2]

Salam Brothers & Sisters.

This post is specially regarded to future 3rd and 4th course medics (especially to all my brothers ikhwah in Volgograd State Medical University..hehehe).

Anyway, 3rd course medic is the last preclinical years, and it is actually semi-clinical. Students have to set up your mind, to make your vision of studying more in clinical environment and conveniently.

Remember! Clinical medics are somehow differ from your previous preclinical 'kindergarten'. You have to struggle more on understanding than just memorizing the facts, and you need to know deep down all the basics. It isn't too difficult, we will always help you and be by your side. As for me, the very first step is that you need to know how the environment (bi'ah) can help you to proceed more further.

Recommended books for 3rd course medics:

1. PHARMACOLOGY Lippincott's Illustrated Review

'Same as Biochemistry, this kind of book makes our focus on Pharmacology more comfortable because of its illustrated reviews. Nevertheless, it isn't too details in explanation. The more comprehensive and topmost Pharmacology book of all centuries is below....'

2. PHARMACOLOGY by Kharkevitch

'This book as for me, is an award-winning for Pharmacology aspect. It is so comprehensive, the details are very easy to understand. But, you must have your time to catch up with them, of course. You may borrow this new book from the library. Or just buy it for your future basic knowledge. I miss this book a lot...hehehe'


'This is the latest OHCM. But don't worry if you couldn't find it at Kamal Bookstore, the former 7th edition is still in high validity as though. I would like to recommend this book as early as you are in 3rd course, because you need to 'mix' the content with your mind chronically. By the end of 3rd year, you will partially understand it, and during your 4th course you will fully get it! Make it as your favourite one'


'This is the thickest book of mine! This pathology book has a lot of pictures and explanations. It can be used to cover up your study in both Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Physiology during your 3rd course. Roughly, this book brings you to think and develop your ideas of medical-oriented knowledges. If you don't wish to buy it (because it is so thick and heavy), you may consider to get it from your seniors. They will surely let you have one! insyaAllah.'

*This is not the real picture

Other books you may find and borrow from the library. For Therapy and Surgery, you will just need the textbooks from our university plus with lecture's notes as well. Do attend the lectures!

That is all so far. For future 4th course medics, I am still updating your recommended books. Tawakkal 'alaAllah

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Books For All! [Part 1]

Salam Brothers & Sisters.

These are some sorts of books that you are highly recommended to have by your own. They can be bought anywhere (even via but mostly available at Kamal Bookstore Kuala Lumpur, and the prices there also much more cheaper.

Books for 2nd course medic:

1. ATLAS OF HISTOLOGY with Functional Correlation XI Edition

"This is the latest Atlas of Histology by Victor P. Erochenko. Excellence informations, with histologic pictures"


"Atlas of Human Anatomy is a very basic book that a medical student must have one! This Netter atlas will help you not just to know the basis of medic, but through your journey in the medical field forever in your life"


"Simple, understandable and comprehensive"

NB! This is not the latest edition! This is the old picture.

4. BIOCHEMISTRY Lippincott's Ilustrated Reviews

"This book much more simple because of its illustration. You will learn biochem with 'arts'! But as for me, the main book still the one that you must borrow from the library"

My next post will be regarded to 3rd course and 4th course medics. That is all, so far. Tawakkal 'alaAllah.

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